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Koffclub manufactures a diversified range of adhesives . Our products help to maintain our quality standards, and develop innovative products. This has helped us to meet the requirements of our customers. Our products are mainly pioneering efforts, wherein we’ve used our knowledge of different chemicals to its maximum advantage. Our understanding of customer needs has helped us to innovate products that deem useful in every sphere of life. Our team employs Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ensures segregation of product facilities for every grade. Along with that, we use the latest control systems which contribute to the consistency of our products. At Koffclub Adhesive, our products stand for quality and reliability.

Adhesive Manufacturers in India

The adhesive is the unique component that joins different kinds of things with a strong bond, and several types of adhesive products are available in the market. The chemical element in the adhesive products will stick perfectly with the product surface and provide more strength to the users. Most people who need to strike two things like wood or other items can choose the best variety of adhesives that helps their work requirements.

Our company is one of India’s most popular Adhesive manufacturers, and we have various adhesive products with several features. People working on multiple projects that need adhesives with unique qualities can consider our products suitable for all situations. Though we are the top adhesive manufacturers in India, all our products are available with supreme quality and remarkable working ability.

Details about our adhesives

Due to the unique manufacturing methods, our products will have high strength and stability. The sticking power available with each product in our company will differ according to the users’ needs. The adhesive required for joining wood will have the perfect strength to stay intact with wood materials. Similarly, MR adhesives are suitable for doing craftwork and sticking small wood pieces.

Adhesives available with our company are available in various sizes, and people can choose the size of the product according to their needs. Most of the best glue in India will have some similarities in their features, and people can find all those features with our products. Hence, that is the primary reason for the successful position of our products in the market. Our products have the capability of fulfilling all the needs of the users.

Abilities available with our products

Every adhesive material in the market should have certain unique features, making them perfect and effective at work. Our company has the best R&A team to analyze all those features to make our products suitable for our customers. Due to this reason, the abilities of our products will be at their peak. Hence, people using our products will experience the quality of the product.

Water-resistant feature

The adhesive products available with our company will have high water resistance capacity. This feature will help people to stick items that may have contact with water. Most people who need to paste wood that may stay in the rain or moisture surroundings can use our adhesives without any doubt.

The chemical components in our adhesives will help prevent water from entering the adhesive-applied spots. People working with various kinds of wood works in wet and surroundings can consider our water-resistant wood adhesive, suitable for all types of wooden materials.

More strength

The chemicals in our adhesives will create strong bonds between the two objects and keep them intact for longer. Though adhesive strength is more important to make two things stick together, our company uses several unique components. The elements on our products make the adhesives more effective and more robust to handle all kinds of heavy-weight wood materials. People using the perfect amount of glue in the correct positions can benefit more from our products.

High viscosity

The viscosity of the adhesive itself will determine its working abilities. Our products have more consistency than all other kinds of products, and that is one primary reason for our product success. The highly viscous liquid adhesives will fill all the pores on the surface and strengthen and stabilize the sticking process. Due to this feature, our products are suitable for all wooden materials regardless of their surface type.  

Easy to use

All our adhesive products in the market will have this feature, and people who need to use our products can utilize them without any issues. Though our products have some formulations, people can directly apply the adhesive on the surface and start their work without any additional requirements. The available adhesives are ready-to-use products, and people don’t need to mix any additional chemicals to use them.

Quick dry option

Our product’s quick dry option helps the customers save lots of time on their work. Most industrial adhesive manufacturers in India make their products with this fast dry technology. Due to the availability of this feature, people can create instant products that will dry in a fraction of a second.

Our products will dry within a few minutes, and people must use them wisely to avoid issues. If people make some errors while using our adhesives, it is hard to remove them after they dry and fit together. People must concentrate more on working with our products to avoid these issues.

Anti-termite feature

Though all our adhesives are for wood-related works, we provide an anti-termite feature in all our products. This kind of feature will help the wood materials to stay away from termite attack, and it also helps the wood to stay longer. The chemical components in our adhesives will make the termites stay away and kill them if they attack the wood materials. This feature will be more effective for people to work on wooden materials.

All these are some of the basic abilities available with our adhesives in the market. Most of the products from the wooden adhesive manufacturers in India will have some of these features. But, our products will be the best option for people who need all these features in a single product. All these details will be helpful for you people to know the abilities of our products.

Manufacturers of water-based adhesive

Our company creates several kinds of unique adhesive products which have unique features and special abilities. Similarly, the water-based adhesive is one of our products that contains water and other chemical additives. The working process of this adhesive is unique. While applying this adhesive, the water will vaporize or be absorbed by the product surface and help the bonds to do their work.

The water-based adhesives are suitable for all kinds of wood materials, and people can also use them per their needs. Since we are one of the famous water-based adhesive manufacturers in India, our product has separate customer support. These are some basic facts about our water-based adhesives available in the market.

The heavy-duty adhesives

Every company will have its unique product, which will have all the features of the product at its extreme level. Our company’s heavy-duty adhesive is a fantastic product that helps people work with products that need more power to stay together. The strong heavy-duty adhesive will be the best option for people to use on various works that require more strength and sticking ability to complete the job.

This product’s abilities are similar to all other adhesives in our company, but the ability levels are higher than the regular products. People can select this product from industrial adhesive manufacturers in India for complex construction projects and similar challenging works. Though working with heavy-duty adhesive is simple, people must be careful because of its extreme sticking abilities.

Reason to choose our company

The functional ability of the products available in our company is unique and suitable for all kinds of wood materials. Many may question why we must choose these adhesives instead of other products. The best answer to that question is our products’ quality and affordable price range. Our company provides all our products with premium quality at affordable and market prices, which will help app people to buy and use our products.

People who consider these details convenient can get our wooden adhesive products to use them on various wooden works. But people still in a dilemma can get our sample products to use and make their decisions. Most of our genuine customers who use products regularly also had these questions before and after using our products; they liked to use them in all their work. All these details will help you understand why we chose our company.

Customer support

The primary aim of our company is to provide better products to the customers and gain their trust. Our company knows that providing better customer support will be the best option for interacting and gathering customer feedback about the products. Due to these things, our company offers better customer service and helps our customers know about our products.

We also resolve all their queries regarding the products they bought and guide them to choose the best product that suits their work. To enhance the customer experience, we provide all the basic instructions on the product’s label. People can use the customer support option or our company’s official website for further details.

Get products through our website

Our company has an official website for people to get all our products online from the comfort of their homes. Our official website will have all the necessary details about each product, and people can get the products according to their needs.

People who need strong glue in India can place orders on our website. People can use the web portal with a payment gateway to place their orders and pay money for their products. This kind of online purchasing will be the best option for people who are placing bulk orders. 


All these details are about the product available in our company, and people who need to get products for their woodwork can use all these details. People who need more benefits from adhesives can choose our products suitable for all kinds of work. Using our product will provide a new experience and better results in all the projects.



Advance waterproof technique Heat And Fungal resistant Anti termite adhesive product Mighty bond strength Quick Dry


Easy to use Mighty Bond strength
Resistant to water Additional coverage Anti termite adhesive product


Easy to use Mighty Bond strength Resistant to water Additional coverage Anti termite adhesive product


Additional coverage Anti termite adhesive product High bond strength


Advance waterproof technique Heat And Fungal resistant Anti termite adhesive product Mighty bond strength Quick Dry


Advance waterproof technique Heat And Fungal resistant Anti termite adhesive product Mighty bond strength Quick Dry

Best Material

Additional coverage Anti termite adhesive product High bond strength

1st Grade

Advance waterproof technique Heat And Fungal resistant Anti termite adhesive product Mighty bond strength Quick Dry

Original Adhesive

Easy to use Mighty Bond strength Resistant to water Additional coverage Anti termite adhesive product

Koffclub Adhesive D4

Additional coverage Anti termite adhesive product High bond strength
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